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  • Public Consultation on Climate Change and Singapore

Public Consultation on Climate Change and Singapore

As a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Singapore is participating in ongoing negotiations towards a new global agreement on climate change by end 2015. Singapore is a small, low-lying island state that will benefit from global efforts to reduce emissions, and we will do our part.

To support efforts to develop Singapore’s plan to reduce carbon emissions and promote green growth beyond 2020, the National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) and various government agencies embarked on a public consultation exercise to seek suggestions and feedback from stakeholders across the private and people sectors.

The online public consultation closed on 31 Mar 2015. Topics included energy efficient homes, carbon efficiency in the transport sector, energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities for businesses, carbon efficiency in the power, waste and water sectors, and economic and green growth opportunities. In addition, a series of closed-door stakeholder dialogues was conducted.

Stakeholder dialogues 
Stakeholder dialogues

Stakeholder dialogues

Many responses and suggestions were received online, as well as at the dialogues. A summary overview of the feedback received is available for download at the bottom of this page. Responses to the written suggestions are also available.

Overall, the public consultation exercise provided useful perspectives on measures that can be undertaken to reduce emissions. These will complement the insights obtained from various studies such as the national technology roadmaps, and other stakeholder feedback channels of relevant agencies. There was general agreement that the key thrust of Singapore’s strategy to mitigate our emissions will continue to be improving energy efficiency across different sectors of our economy. There is scope to harness better technologies that are currently available, accompanied by behavioural change to reduce energy demand. There is interest in using more solar energy, and the clean energy industry is a growth area with economic spinoffs. These efforts will help Singapore achieve its climate goals, save energy costs, and create new business opportunities.

Overview of feedback received

Responses to feedback and suggestions

Energy Efficient Homes
Carbon Efficiency in the Transport Sector
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Opportunities for Businesses
Carbon Efficiency in the Power, Waste and Water Sectors
Economic & Green Growth Opportunities

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