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Technology Roadmaps

To address our energy and climate change challenges, there is a need to accelerate research to deployment of energy and low carbon technologies in Singapore. To achieve this, NCCS and the National Research Foundation (NRF) have jointly commissioned a series of Technology Roadmaps. Many of these Roadmaps were informed by the Technology Primers developed earlier (see further below).

Each Roadmap highlights the research, development, demonstration and deployment (RDD&D) pathways for technologies that can help increase energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and increase energy security for Singapore up to 2030 and beyond. The Roadmaps also identified and prioritised technologies and actions required to accelerate these technologies into the market place. With relevant Government agency(s) leading the effort, each Roadmap was developed in close consultation with various stakeholders within the Government, academia and industry. These roadmaps will guide government agencies in formulating technology master plans and funding initiatives to secure Singapore's energy future and address climate change challenges.

Summaries of completed Roadmaps are attached below.

Technology Roadmap Lead Agencies Date of Publication
Carbon Capture and Storage/Utilisation EDB, EMA & NCCS Jul 2014
Solar Photovoltaic EDB & EMA Jul 2014
Green Data Centre IDA Jul 2014
Building Energy Efficiency BCA Jul 2014
Industry Energy Efficiency NEA & EDB Jun 2016
Waste Management NEA Jun 2016
E-Mobility LTA Jun 2016

Findings from five Roadmaps were presented at Energy TechRoadmap 2014, the inaugural technology roadmap symposium on Energy and Low Carbon Technologies in Singapore, held on 30 July 2014. The event was attended by about 700 participants from the public sector, academic and industry.

As part of Government's continuous effort to engage with industrial and academic stakeholders to accelerate the deployment of energy and low carbon technologies, three new Roadmaps were commissioned and launched at the Energy Innovation 2016, held on 3 June 2016.

Technology Primers

Prior to the Technology Roadmaps, NCCS and NRF jointly commissioned a series of Technology Primers in 2011. The Primers seek to understand how various technologies can help Singapore increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and increase energy options. Each Primer discusses the state of a technology, its technical feasibility for Singapore, related research activities in Singapore and possible research goals. Summaries of the findings from the first batch of Primers are attached below.

Technology Primer Date of Publication
Air-conditioning System Efficiency Aug 2011
Biorenewables Aug 2011
Carbon Capture and Utilisation Aug 2011
Energy Storage Aug 2011
Smart Grid Aug 2011
Solar Energy Aug 2011
Green Data Centre Jul 2014

Last updated 9 Dec 2019

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