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Water Resource Management

Climate change can affect our water supply, as increasing rainfall intensity could overwhelm our drainage system and create flooding, while dry weather will reduce the reliability of our water supply.

As a nation with a very limited water supply, taking appropriate measures to ensure the sustainability of our water resources is a top priority for PUB, Singapore's national water agency. PUB has established the following Four National Taps to address our water needs:

  • Local catchment water
  • Imported water
  • NEWater
  • Desalinated water
Water Loop Illustrating Singapore's Water Management
Water Resource Management
Source: Climate Change & Singapore: Challenges. Opportunities. Partnerships.

Our Resilient Water Resources

NEWater and desalinated water are not dependent on rainfall, and can be used to supplement water from local reservoirs in an extended dry spell. NEWater and desalinated water will meet 70% of Singapore's water demand by 2030.

The capacity for these two sources of water will be further increased to meet up to 80% of our water demand by 2060.

Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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