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Drainage and Flood Protection

Singapore adopts an integrated approach to stormwater management that balances our need for water supply with the need to manage flood risks.

Enhancing Our Flood Resilience

With climate change, rainfall events could increase in frequency and intensity. PUB, the national water agency, has taken a holistic approach to introduce flexibility and adaptability to Singapore's drainage system.

Through the "Source-Pathway-Receptor" approach, measures are not only carried out along the Pathway (e.g. through widening and deepening of drains and canals), but also implemented at the Source where stormwater runoff is generated (e.g. through on-site detention) and at the Receptor where floods may occur (e.g. through platform levels, crest protection and flood barriers). This approach is sustainable as stormwater management is addressed at all parts of the drainage system, with building owners and developers playing a role in managing the impact of their developments on flood risks.

Since January 2014, developers of new and redeveloped sites are required to implement on-site measures such as detention tanks, green roofs, rain gardens or retention ponds to slow down the flow of stormwater discharged from their developments into the public drainage system.

Enhancing Our Flood Resilience
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Source: PUB, the national water agency

Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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